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Basics on breeding and foaling

As several people are asking about pregnancy in horses recently I thought I would post this. It is basic info about broodmares and foals and may answer some questions that people have with regard the issue.

The webpage is prepared by the National Foaling Bank whos aim it is to put together foster mares and orphan foals when either a mare or foal is lost. Sadly, the statistics seem to show that there are always more orphan foals than foster mares which clearly suggests that more mares are lost each year than foals. Worrying thought for any in-foal mare owner!


Info on the National Foaling Bank (only in UK as far as I am aware) can be found at their (limited) website http://www.piaffe.org/national_foaling_bank/

Anyone in the UK who is even considering putting their mare in foal I would strongly urge to join the National Foaling Bank and keep your membership going. It *is* cheap and should the worst happen and you lose either mare or foal, these people will probably save your sanity and do all the hard work for you in finding a foster mare or foal to make your surviving horse's life better and they can make the arrangements. Many studs will offer this sort of service I am sure, but it is still good to know that someone out there does this sort of thing for the love of the animals (this does not make a profit by any means) because they care.

X-posted due to being useful info!
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