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Last ditch attempt - Lawsonia

My yearling, Minion, is believed to have Lawsonia. He is suffering badly. It is at the point where we know he may not be with is for much longer, but we are trying to fight it with everything possible. The trouble is, it is a very rare bacterial condition and very little is known about it. My vet has been a vet for 26 years and he had never come across a case in his life.

It seems to be most popular in the east side of Canada. Certainly this is only about the 4th case in the UK ever thought to exist.

PLEASE, if you know ANYTHING about Lawsonia other than what I can find on the internet PLEASE contact me ASAP! We need to know how to ease his suffering whilst the drugs have a chance to work. We have had to stop the drugs tonight because he is in so much pain. He is weak, he is not himself, he can hardly walk. He is deathly thin, his bones are sticking out everywhere and he has very little interest in anything going on around him. He wont eat his food, he will just pick at hay and alfalfa.

If you know anyone who has a lot of youngstock (it affects weanlings to yearling ages) who may have dealth with it, especially anyone in Canada, please could you ask them what they did for their babies to help them out.

Minion has lost so much weight. He has lost a noticeable amount in the past 36 hours which was when we started the treatment for Lawsonia. He doesnt look anything like he used to. He was so amazing as a baby, but now he is all bones. His hip bones are sticking out so far, you can count his ribs from 20 feet away, you can see every joint in his body. His spine is sticking up over an inch down his back.

If you can help, my email address is C@Piceur.com

x-posted because I dont know what else to do.
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