sheharezaad (sheharezaad) wrote in breeding_horses,

Found on another list and put before this one...

Good to the group..I enjoy reading your posts. I have a
question..If you have a stallion with very poor motility..say 30%
motility when collected and then in 24 hours after being extended it
drops to about 5% motility...the heads of the sperm cell are then
transparent, cells don't spin..they just die...what does this
indicate? Thanks for your time.

I saw this on an email group I'm on called EquineRepo. This post made me think so I'm putting it to you guys to see if anyone here knows the answer... Evil_C you just had the insemination classes, what do you think? Thank goodness both my guys have super sperm, I would hate to have this problem! -S.
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