ellen (walkaloosabambi) wrote in breeding_horses,

my "beginner's luck" was jinxed by a vet

Hi, my name is Ellen and i'm new to this group. I have a Walkaloosa mare who just had her first foal--and my first foal, too. *see title* I dont really believe that.. but it kind of makes sense...
When I bred my horse she got pregnant right away, my vet said my horse and i had beginner's luck. But you see... 11 months later my horse's foal was born with a birth defect in his right fore leg which all the vets we've seen have deemed as "plain bad luck". Okay, so heres what's up: his fetlock joint in that leg will not flex as far as it should and the leg and hoof is slightly smaller than the rest of his legs. This does not affect him very much as a foal but i am afraid it will as he grows up. All the vets have said they have never seen a case like his, they say it is a birth defect and was not inherited from the dam or sire, and they don't know what to do about it.
We have tried doing physical therapy with the joint and the flexibility has improved a little bit. I don't know what's next. the vets havent really come to a conclusion but they think it is that his tendons are too short/tight and that is why it is not bending as far as it should (they have taken xrays-looks normal except slightly smaller). I have heard of surgeries and medicines that they give to horses with contracted tendons but i don't know if this is similar to that.
My reason for posting is to find anyone who's ever heard of a similar situation or who has any advice for me... I am kind of unsure what to do at this point and i want to do something while he is young. i really would appreciate any suggestions/advice/ anything!! and feel free to go read my foals journal and comment :) thanks!
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